Winter Olympic 2018 Curling

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Winter Olympic 2018 Curling Live

Winter Olympic 2018 Curling

Winter Olympic 2018 All Event Live

Want to impress all your friends with some Olympics knowledge? Yes, the 2018 Winter Olympics have already started, and if you don’t know anything about them, there’s no need to fret. If your eyes have made it here, your eyes have made it to the right place. We’ve got you covered for the 2018 Olympics with all the questions you have, all the questions you think you have and all the questions you should have entering the Winter Games:

Olympic schedule is all about the pageantry of the opening ceremony, which will take place early in the morning in the Eastern time zone.

As Americans gear up to watch the replay of the opening ceremony in primetime, a few competitions will take place, including the first snowboarding event of the Olympics.

While Friday doesn’t have the normal packed schedule because of the opening ceremony, there’s still a set of curling matches and a chance for American snowboarders to defend a medal that a compatriot won four years ago.

The Olympic movement has taken a deserved mauling over the past year, with various corruption scandals ongoing and the reaction to Russian doping seen as desperately weak. But getting a combined Korean women’s ice hockey team to compete is a bona fide triumph.

True, there have been teething problems – the North Koreans use different terms for pass and block, for instance – and the team are likely to lose all three of their matches, starting against Switzerland on Saturday. But after 70 years of tensions, why fret about the small stuff? Incidentally 10 other North Korean athletes will compete under their country’s own flag.