Rungvisai vs. Estrada

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Rungvisai vs. Estrada Live

Rungvisai vs. Estrada

Apart from a stoppage of Jose Salgado and a points loss to Carlos Cuadras, the career of Srisaket Sor Rungvisai can be practically ignored up until the start of 2017.

The Thailand man had fought and beaten a host of debutants and fighters with losing records in his home country, and when he was picked out to fight the pound-for-pound number 1 fighter Roman Gonzalez, it was simply a formality.

But that infamous night in March went wrong for so many who had believed the unbeaten Gonzalez would take his already brilliant career to the next level as a mainstream star.

Size does count but not always the way you might think, especially in boxing where bigger is not always better and smaller is frequently as good as it gets.

It’s probably safe to say that most casual boxing fans have never heard of these guys. They might also suffer from the common misconception that fighters weighing between 105 and 115 pounds just flit around the ring throwing feeble punches. It’s an understandable assumption but wrong.

Actually, the opposite is true. Smaller fighters have a physical advantage over their heavier colleagues that allows them to do things larger fighters wouldn’t dream of. Biologist/boxing writer Matthew Swain explains why:

“Physiologically, the reason that they can throw so many more punches comes down to surface area to volume ratio in two systems, the skin and the lungs. Small people have a comparatively larger surface area to volume ratio, so the heat being generated by their muscles is dissipated on the skin much more quickly than large people, and because of their much smaller mass and shorter limbs, they are generating less heat to begin with, so they are staying cooler, making them much more efficient.