Beach Volleyball Major Series 2018

Beach Volleyball Major Series 2018 Live Stream Online, Get ready for the 2018 major series by checking in on the top teams as they wrap up their off-season training. Plus, view highlights from last year’s season for an idea of the action you can expect from these athletes.

Beach Volleyball Major Series 2018 Live

Beach Volleyball Major Series 2018

Red Bull Media House is using Pixellot’s automatic production technology to stream live matches from the Beach Volleyball Major Series 2018 in Ft. Lauderdale until March 4, 2018 when the world’s best players will collect their total prize money of $600,000.

For the first time, the event will be streamed live to paying BeachStream subscribers who will get exclusive live access to all tournament games, on-demand content, highlights, interviews and behind-

Red Bull Media House has been using Pixellot’s technology to cover football and ice-hockey games in Europe. This will be the first time the two companies are working together in the United States, as well as the first time the system will be used at an international beach volleyball tournament.

The solution developed by Israeli technology company Pixellot is employed in thousands of venues worldwide to provide automated production without any broadcast crews necessary. Once the technology is installed, algorithms customised for each sport allow viewers to follow the events on the field – or the beach in this case.

Live broadcasting has long been reserved for major professional sports. Minimising production costs, Pixellot’s automated production systems enable amateur clubs, schools, federations, media platforms and venues to generate live HD content for their own digital media services. The footage is delivered to any device letting fans watch their favourite team from anywhere, produce their own highlight clips and share them on social networks